my bad choices

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look we all have different definitions of what qualifies as a """bad""" choice, and sometimes we look at the decisions other ppl are making and just go like hmm.. but you know, so long as they're not hurting others, that's them and not really on you. same goes for ppl who are tryn to judge you for how you live your own life.

anyway, this crew neck shirt has a unisex fit, is heckn soft, and will last u a long time. it's a tri-blend of 50% polyester, 25% ring-spun combed cotton, and 25% rayon. this means that it's a bit elastic while still retaining its shape, and although it's comfy it'll also drape against yr body for a slimmer silhouette (not that there's anything wrong with being unslim btw!) it's got some goofy logos on the sleeves and back of neck which you can check out in the preview images here.

fyi if any of these specs (fabric, logos, base color, etc.) isn't what u want, just go hit that 'made 4 u' link in the top right of my site and lmk what i can do for you. i'll even give you a small discount for taking the trouble to help me improve my webshop c:


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